About the Toyota Trucks. (Dyna and Toyoace)

When somebody asks you, “What is the most famous car company in the world?” I believe that most people will say BMW, Mercedes-Benz or Volkswagen. It is true that these companies are famous across the globe with long history, surprisingly, however, Toyota, a Japanese company marked the most sales number in 2014. Toyota sold 10,230,000 cars, separating the second place by more than 100,000. Toyota is expanding its market not only in Asia but world-widely nowadays. The company sell all sorts of cars, from super high class cars to cheap light cars. Among the abundant linkup, one of the popular model in Dyna and Toyoace. Dyna has a reputation for a convenient truck that is compact but has great capacity. Most of the time, it is used for moving. Dyna is easy to drive, and strong enough to carry several tons. Toyota Toyoace has also a great reputation for its capacity. Toyoace is a little bigger than Dyna, which means that it can also be used at construction sites to carry heavy materials. There are shortcomings of these Dyna and Toyoace on the other hand, of course. People say they are too light in weight.

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